Positive Poetic Perusal

Amalgamated Thought

The notion to ponder, surmise an interlude.

Not so much precarious, as to the attitude.

Gain mature form through secondary force.

Pivotal in nature, the soul of course.

Perfection, begin your journey through.

Volume of pleasure fulfilled by only you.

To detest ways of self to another intensely.

Closes the heart and mind immensely.

Feature habit in the way of quality.

Bring oneself toward surety.

Mundane imprudent worldly unwise.

It is plain to see we must open our eyes.

No fault no error.

With all we share.

Locality irrelevant.

Image benevolent.

Insular narrow-minded self-centered.

Traits a racist has always surrendered.

Bring forth Understanding and Love...

Eternal bliss is what I speak of.

A series of views pondered by me...

Copyright © Clinton W. J. Collins

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