Positive Poetic Perusal

Positive & Negative

Your thoughts are something special and real.

Some tell you to fight, be faulty, and steal.

Then again there thoughts that are good.

Honest, loving, and kind just like they should.

It is a fight between positive and negative.

Negative thoughts are easy to follow.

Positive thoughts are hard to swallow.

It is easy to be evil and cunning.

Try being righteous and stop running.

Positive and negative;

Usually the first thought you think,

is the one that will keep you on the brink,

of what is to come from good.

And the fact that evil never could;

Never could over come the righteous.

So turn away from the negative,

and get into the positive.

Then one day the righteous shall win,

This positive, negative fight we are in!!

A Positive Outlook May Your Days be bright...

Copyright © Clinton W. J. Collins

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