Positive Poetic Perusal

Societal Standstill

Societal evolution has been at a stand-still...

In coming together we must have the Will!

Evolutionary development of Our societal views...

Take us from the down-fall Blues

Making practical steps in which relations improve

a Mass highly involved, intricate not a perplexing Twist

as simple as checking the time, a twist of the wrist...

Take from being unjust and unfair

End the causing of pain the state of despair

Re-evolve Our customary actions adding all positive reactions

No exertion of power or force

Equality for all a trusted Source

Habitual Practices of love and attention

Affectionate heed; earnest consideration

Step away from Societally stagnant Affliction!

A Positive, effective motion...

Copyright © Clinton W. J. Collins

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